In our homes today, most of us have a TV, maybe two. A landline probably sits gathering dust but there none the less. Our phones close to hand, our laptops sit waiting. Linked all by a small plastic box lying somewhere in your home. The small box that lets you talk to others and explore […]

Nineteen Eighty Four – 1949   Written by George Orwell Set in Oceania (what we know as london)-  Eurasia, EastAsia   Winston Smith ( first person) – 39 years old, drinks victory gin, works for the ministry of truth as a records editor.   Julia – 26, works as a machine operator in the ministry […]

JEFF LOVENESS I’ve done it. After every failure by the political establishment, journalists, activists, concerned citizens, and media empires, I am pleased to announce that I have brought an end to the terror of President Trump by utilizing the greatest power of all: Comedy. Pre-order Patty Yumi Cottrell’s Sorry to Disrupt the Peace. It wasn’t […]