In our homes today, most of us have a TV, maybe two. A landline probably sits gathering dust but there none the less. Our phones close to hand, our laptops sit waiting. Linked all by a small plastic box lying somewhere in your home. The small box that lets you talk to others and explore […]

Nineteen Eighty Four – 1949   Written by George Orwell Set in Oceania (what we know as london)-  Eurasia, EastAsia   Winston Smith ( first person) – 39 years old, drinks victory gin, works for the ministry of truth as a records editor.   Julia – 26, works as a machine operator in the ministry […]

My brain, my soul, my body, connected. The final jolt enters my system and pushes a surge of movement through my numb wires. My eyelids click open breaking the muted silence. The dull buzzing ever present, yet ignored by my hardware. The metal ceiling glares at me, a reminder of the cell I’m kept in. […]

JEFF LOVENESS I’ve done it. After every failure by the political establishment, journalists, activists, concerned citizens, and media empires, I am pleased to announce that I have brought an end to the terror of President Trump by utilizing the greatest power of all: Comedy. Pre-order Patty Yumi Cottrell’s Sorry to Disrupt the Peace. It wasn’t […]