12th September 2017


In our homes today, most of us have a TV, maybe two. A landline probably sits gathering dust but there none the less. Our phones close to hand, our laptops sit waiting. Linked all by a small plastic box lying somewhere in your home. The small box that lets you talk to others and explore the world in a way which you could never have done before. Technology is the escape from the world we live in, yet in it is also the curse that binds us. This is demonstrated in Nineteen Eighty Four as Telescreen’s monitor and watch the citizens who have no choice but to accept there slavery to the screens. “It was terribly dangerous to let your thoughts wander wen you were in any public place or within range of a telescreen”. Facecrime, thoughtcrime. If George Orwell predicted how Technology would rule back then, how will technology continue to evolve and change our lives? An example of the extreme is the 2002 film Minority report directed by Steven Spielberg. Instead of a phone holding all your secrets, your eyes enable easy access to everything. Eyescanners rule the world, enabling people to pay for a train fare, keeps track of them while running in street, and making sure the government knows where and when they are. Why is constant spying a common theme in dystopian novels? This is what Orwell’s novel makes us consider. Presenting the idea so we can decide for ourselves what we think the right choice for humanity in the future.

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